Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sending Smiles To LOEP- Liberia Orphan Education Project!!!

(**Note, Donations for A Special Tree For Kara are still being accepted. This Smile will close on August 14th. Stay tuned for that upcoming post!!)

Sending Smiles is SO excited to announce this next project!! For the next 6 weeks we will be working with LOEP...better known as the
Liberia Orphan Education Project
You can view their blog HERE

They are a group of AWESOME people dedicated to serving those in the country of Liberia, West Africa. They are an "all-volunteer, not-for-profit operation". They are currently planning on taking a trip back to Liberia for a teacher's training course. To learn more you can visit their site HERE Supplies are very much needed.

This is where WE would like to help!!!

LOEP needs at least 32 durable tote bags for school supplies and other teaching aids. I have put together an appropriate tote bag tutorial specifically for this project. That is located in a SLIDE at the bottom of this post. IF YOU WOULD LIKE A TOTE BAG TUTORIAL EMAILED TO YOU TO PRINT OUT, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME AND EMAIL AND THE TUTORIAL WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU SHORTLY!!

The tote bag looks a little something like this...

We kindly ask that durable fabric is used. Levi and Corduroy fabric is very appropriate and is usually on sale this time of year! Also, it would be best if gender neutral fabric were used as there are both male and female teachers in Liberia. We wouldn't want to send a strong, cheerful African male teacher a tote bag with pink kittens on it! Lol!! ;O)

If you are interested in contributing and sewing up one or a few tote bags, please leave a comment or email us committing that you will be donating a tote bag.

Bags need to be received no later than Monday, September 20th.

Please mail your tote bags to me, Christine Dallimore. Just leave a comment with your email address and I will contact you shortly with further details.

I will then them ship them out to LOEP the following day, September 21st.

Don't Sew...No Problem!!! LOEP is also in need of sign language cards

Currently, there are many children in Liberia that are deaf, either caused by "natural or preventable causes-diseases or from the war." The LOEP HOPE school would love to help these children find their voice in the world. To find out more information, check out their blog HERE

MANY Sign Language cards are needed. Specifically ABC, Colors, Basic words and such. We would LOVE to send as many sets as we can. Not all children apart of LOEP are orphans. Parents of these deaf children are just as anxious to learn. Can you imagine the excitement of being able to communicate with your child? Awesome!!!

We would also like to have these sign language cards laminated as it is very humid in Liberia. I've also been told there is a "raining season" that is pretty impressive! Laminating these cards would help them to be more durable and last A LOT longer for many children to use!

I will post A LOT more information on the Sign Language cards this weekend. To get you started, however, I found an awesome site where you can download and print out the ABC cards for free!! That site is Apples4TheTeacher This deadline will also be September 20th. That mailing address will be listed in the next post!

If neither of these ideas appeal to you, School Supplies are always needed, as are monetary donations! It's a perfect time of the year to purchase school supplies as they are on sale!! Don't forget to check out the Dollar Stores...and Target (my personal favorite!!) For a detailed list and other information, visit LOEP HERE

I also wanted to share these precious photographs with you! They were given to me by founding member Elizabeth (Beth) Iden. She is just as sweet as can be, an even though we have only chatted through email, her love for Liberia and these people can be felt through the waves. It's very contagious and I am personally so grateful to be working with her and her team on this project! Just look at their sweet faces and smiles...LOVE IT!!!

Thank You Beth and the other members of LOEP! It's so wonderful to be able to see the faces of those we are cheering on!

O.k. my fellow Sending Smiles Pals...Lets set to work and serve these fabulous people!!! I can't wait to see what joy this project will bring...both to the givers and the receivers!!! :O)

Of course if you have any questions, feel free to email us! Until then, here is the tote bag tutorial... Again if you would like to receive the e-pattern, just leave a comment with your email address. Thanks!!!

If you are having trouble viewing it, you can also view it HERE


Elizabeth and Brian said...

YES- Do you know I spent 2 hours today calling around and searching the web for something we can do for RS service this month. Thank You!

Lynn said...

Hey Christine. I love what you guys are doing. This is awesome. The secretary to our RS Pres. just forwarded my message about this to 65 e-mails on our Ward list. Anything I can do to spread the word about a great cause, I will do. Love this. Thanks!

Elizabeth and Brian said...

Could I have the e-pattern please?


Christine Dallimore said...

Sorry Beth for the late reply...I read your comment this morning! I just emailed the epattern to you, let me know if you have any problems or questions...THANKS!!!