Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Special Tree for Kara

There is a beautiful mom named Kara who found out almost exactly a month ago that she had a tumor on her spine. Her life was instantly "redefined" as she followed her doctor's orders to leave her three young children to have surgery four hours away from her home, in the best hospital around. During surgery, they successfully removed the tumor, but it left her with no feeling from her rib-cage, down. Her upper body has limited strength, and she is in the hospital recovering now with 3-4 hours of physical therapy daily to re-learn basic skills and working on controlling the muscles in her body.

I admire her happy attitude; although she is in a lot of pain from recovering from spinal surgery and trauma, and is scared that she hasn't gained feeling in her lower body yet, she is so optimistic and full of joy. She has had lots of visitors, another sign that she is a wonderful person and so many people love her!

Even from the very beginning, her attitude was so positive. She writes on her blog almost daily about her Life Redefined. She talks about her moments of fear, pain, anxiety and anguish, followed by moments of calmness, comfort, laughter and peace. She talks about her to-do lists of things she would be doing if this wasn't happening right now: planting trees and shrubs in her yard, spring cleaning, taking her children to the zoo, spending time with their German exchange student, and working out the details on placing one the following year, spending time with her husband and getting jobs done like working in the garden. Oh how I wish we could give her these things.

There is a group of her friends from her church and community who are working on her yard and I wish we could all transport our bodies there to help with some of those items on her to-do list. But here's one thing we can do: Let's help plant a tree in her yard. A tree that symbolizes love, faith, life and strength. A tree that she will see as she comes home for the first time from being away from her home and it makes her heart happy. A tree that she will see daily, as she resumes her motherly tasks, that will remind her to be strong and have faith. We can give her that.
Any of you that are able and willing, please donate to Sending Smiles by clicking on the paypal button top left. All donations will be going to Kara's special tree. I would also love to have little notes on lawn stakes with words of love and encouragement from her friends, family, and even anonymous people that she doesn't know. Please email us {} with your messages and I know she will find great strength in this.

An excerpt from her blog:
"I am doing well.  I am okay with this.  I am at peace.  I am a happy person who has SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR and I am not upset that this has happened to me.  Just because I can't walk doesn't change me. I am okay.  It is going to be a major adjustment and we have a lot of work to do!  It's going to be HARD.  I will continue to need the amazing support and encouragement that has been coming since tumor diagnosis day."

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Kirsti said...

Alrighty-- the button is fixed. Donations are now being accepted for Kara. Thanks for bringing that to our attention!