Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sending Smiles To LOEP- Part 2, Sign Language Cards

As a follow up to the last post, Sending Smiles would like to help the Liberia Orphan Education Project send school supplies, tote bags and sign language cards. For details on school supplies and tote bags, please read the previous post. For information on sign language cards, however, please read on!!!

There are many children in Liberia that are hearing impaired. LOEP is working to help make sure that the needs of these precious children are not over looked....this is where we would like to help!

ABC, 123 and Color sign language cards are needed
. To make things easy, I downloaded some free flashcards from the web to my computer, printed the flashcards out on white card stock and linked them together with a simple ring. I of course do plan on laminating these cards first before donating them to LOEP! I want to make all of my cards first and laminate them all at once! It's important that the cards we send are laminated since Liberia is a very humid country. We also want to make sure they last a long time and get a lot of use!!

There are of course MANY wonderful resources for us to use, these cards are just to get you started and to give you an idea of what is needed. Just click on the title to be directed to their page.

For the ABC cards I found a free download at APPLES 4 THE TEACHER

The 123 cards I found at ACTIVITY VILLAGE

The color sign language cards were downloaded from SQUIDOO
With the colors, please make sure you send at least the 9 basic colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, White and Brown...if not more colors!

Also, the flashcards do not need to be linked together with a ring, if you prefer to group them by making a durable drawstring bag, that would be great as well. We just want to make sure that that cards are grouped together and stay together!!

Completion of the cards need to be made and received by no later than Monday, September 20th.
Please mail your sign language cards to:

c/o Beth Iden
370 Browntown Road
Browntown, VA

Remember to please send as many of these flashcard sets as possible! Not all of the children that are reached by LOEP are orphans. Family members and parents are very anxious to learn as well. We want to make sure there are plenty of sets to go around!!!

Helping LOEP is such a fabulous way to kick off this back-to-school year! Remember to have fun with it!! Get together with your fellow church members, community pals, extended family, children, friends and such and make a service party! If you do, email your pictures to Sending Smiles so we can post them!!

Until then, we deeply appreciate your help. I can only imagine the tender and happy smiles your contributions will make!

To learn more about LOEP you can view their site
You can also follow their blog HERE

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. It would also be really helpful if you left a comment or an email letting us know that you are participating in this Smile. We want to make sure we are sending a sufficient amount of flashcards, tote bags, etc to LOEP!!!



Jennifer said...

Just stopped in to see what you were working on. Wondering if I can help in some way. This is just up my ally! I can easily make some of these cards!!

Josh Healy said...

Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

Beth said...

We have already received some of the fantastic cards! They will be such a great classroom resource for the teachers. Thanks to Christine here at Sending Smiles, we are also now planning a parent/family training component to our program. Not all of the children we work with are orphans and the deaf children who have families desperately want to communicate. Thank you so much for this great idea!
Beth at LOEP