Thursday, September 22, 2011

Smiles for the MACK family PACKAGE!!

THANK YOU so much to all those that donated their time, talents and/or funds for this project. Christine and I are so pleased with the outcome and we both noticed the Lord's hand in helping everything come along. We were pushed away from some ideas and towards others and feel like we were able to send them exactly what they needed to help them create more beautiful memories. We received 2 donations in the last few days before we sent the package and received the money needed to finish one project and pay for postage. THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to Mindy S. for nominating the Mack family, as she put it, a family needing smiles to help them cope with their loss and to be reminded that there are brighter days ahead. Our prayer is that our package will do just that!
For Evan & Dallin we made their very own personalized superhero capes and masks and Kenna will receive this beautiful handmade doll with dresses, skirts and her very own doll blanket. Seriously, how cute is she?
Sports, superhero and car themed activities for the boys, princess and butterfly stuff for Kenna, and lots of learning workbooks and flashcards and games they can do together as a family.
A close-up of their personalized church/quiet activity bags jam-packed with crayons, stickers, notebooks, markers, and other quiet activities.
And for the leader of the pack, dress shirts and jackets for Daddy along with a gift card and recipe book for easy meals.
Once again, Thanks so much to all those who helped make this possible. Without each of your thoughtfulness, we wouldn't be able to do this. Our next family in need will be spotlighted soon!

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