Monday, October 4, 2010

Smiles for Baby Tammy {and more}

I can't even imagine what it would be like to have a baby suffering in the hospital. The stress of trying to be by her side and give her strength, and still juggling life outside the hospital; taking care of the other children and all other responsibilities life requires.
Meet Tammy's Family:
Tammy's family was staying at a hotel when her daddy put her down for a nap. He put her in the bathroom with the fan on so that she would have a quiet room while he played with the older girls. When he went back to check on her, he opened the door and the fan was blowing in hot air, acting as a heater. Tammy suffered from heat stroke and is in the hospital recovering from the damage that was caused to her brain. While the blog was up, I read that she was making great progress, eyes opening and breathing on her own, but still had a long way to come. (They have removed information from the blog, pending a law suit against the fan manufacturers) So, until we are able to see her progress, we will pray for Baby Tammy.
Tammy's father's cousin is my dear friend. I don't know Tammy, but I know she belongs to a beautiful and loving family. A family that is going through a hard time. I thought we could send some smiles by the way of care packages. Here are the items that would be helpful:

-crayons and coloring books
-nail polish
-beef jerky
-fruit snacks
-loves anything with peanut butter in it; recess pieces, p.b. cups, butterfingers
-loves 3 Muskateers Candy
-baby lotion (they massage Tammy often)
-princess crowns for the 3 girls
-baby blanket
-stuffed animals
-pictures for her hospital room
-get well cards
I'm sure that even the smallest gesture of kindness will put a smile on their faces and faith in their hearts. If you would like to help in any way, please comment or email us at SmilesForStrangers{at}
I also want to link to another great project. One that a few of my dear friends are involved with. Our host, Christine, lost a baby boy at 17 weeks almost 8 years ago. While this kind of loss might tear one down, she has allowed her challenges to keep her strong. She has a wonderful blog dedicated to women who suffer from miscarriages and infertility; and even those who haven't suffered from these hardships find strength in her blog. She is teaming up with Meka and PJ's Forgotten Children to celebrate Baby Connor's birthday and help many children who may not receive Christmas gifts this year. Please go HERE for information on how to help. I can imagine that even one pair of pajamas, bar of soap, or small gift will make a huge difference in the life of a child who might have been forgotten this Christmas.

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