Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Smiles For Savannah

One just has to love this awesome world of blogging!!! It's so amazing to me how people from all over the world can meet, instantly bond and continue to develop strong meaningful friendships with each other. For example, it was only last July that Savannah Christensen and I got to know each other through our infertility support blogs. We bonded immediately and the more I got to know her the more I just adored her. She still continues to inspire me to this day... She's just that kind of person!!! The thing that impresses me the most about Savannah is that she has this amazing ability to care deeply about all of those around her. She is going through a difficult time right now, however, and Kirsti and I feel she deserves a little pick-me-up!!!

Savannah has been married to her adoring, cowboy husband Josh for nine years. Six years into their marriage they were told by their doctor that conceiving a child would be virtually impossible. Not allowing that to deter them from their strong desires to be parents, however, they quickly pursued the world of adoption. After years of waiting and enduring a few adoption scams, they were finally chosen by a sweet young girl in December. Last month the birth mother decided to choose another family to raise her child. A very difficult situation for everyone involved of course, but Savannah has told me time and time again how she still has love for this young girl. Although she is devastated and would have loved this baby with all of her heart, she can't possibly hate the birth mother. Savannah and Josh have been trying for several years to become parents. They were so thrilled about this baby. They even had a name chosen and were setting up the nursery. Although they are letting their faith guide them through, it is still extremely heartbreaking to loose something they have so longed for all of these years.

Kirsti and I are asking you to participate in this month's Sending Smiles To Savannah! We thought it would be fabulous if caring women could send a package of their favorite pick-me-up items. To help give you some ideas, Savannah has three kittens that she adores. Her kitchen is in a sunflower theme and she loves to cook. She loves photography and is quite a landscape photographer herself. She likes to scrapbook and she likes to decorate her home with inspirational quotes. If you would like to participate in Sending a Smile to Savannah please send an email to me, Christine Dallimore, at chrisylee12@hotmail.com for more details. All emails need to be sent by April 15. All gifts need to be mailed by Friday, April 23rd!!

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