Sunday, January 4, 2015

Operation Secret Santa

Feeling seriously blessed and happy to pay it forward today as we just transferred $100 each to 2 different special families in need from our Sending Smiles account!! Our Christmas project this year was to be Secret Santa to a couple of moms in need of extra money, love and compassion. We are SO thankful for the donations from this project AND the past donations we've received, because we did use some of our previous balance 
Two years ago on December 22, I went to wrap our Santa presents that we bought the day after Thanksgiving (on MAJOR sale- because we were super poor!) and they were GONE. I was hiding them in my parent's garage and all I can think that happened, is that they were donated to Toys for Tots with our church's big service project that year!
Of course I was devastated and had no idea how we were going to find the same gifts and pay for them again, at full cost. We found ways to laugh about it- my husband said, "usually we donate toys AFTER the kids play with them" but inside we were heartbroken. We went to 2 different Toys R Us stores, and 2 Targets that night and luckily found similar replacements for what the boys had asked for. We got home from this ordeal to find a tub of money on our front porch. Coins, small dollars, large dollars... it looked like multiple people came together to raise money for us. {This STILL brings me to tears when I tell this story!} I counted the money and it was to the DOLLAR the exact amount we had spent that night. I will never forget how much I felt my Savior's love for me, in this little Christmas miracle. It wasn't that big of a deal- just toys & money. But I knew the Lord heard our prayers for help and sent someone who was listening to our aid.
This year we have elves bringing us presents each day and it has brought us so much joy! THIS is what Christmas is all about. Spreading kindness, giving service, sharing LOVE, just like Christ did. 
Thank you SO Much for all of you that donated for our Operation Secret Santa!! I know we made 2 families feel very special and loved with some extra spending money for their family!

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