Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Robison Family

Please meet Heather and Brett Robison! They are a remarkably amazing couple that are currently in need of our help and smiles. Heather and Brett have been married for 13 years. During that time they have had to experience the often heartbreaking journey of infertility. Despite their many efforts of trying to expand upon their family circle, nothing has come to fruition thus far. This is where we can help! Heather and Brett  are candidates for  IVF, or in vitro fertilization. The average cost of one cycle of IVF is $12,000- $14,000. The clinic they have chosen offers a 100% money back guarantee plan. They would need to pay around $25,000 up front to cover up to 4 cycles of IVF. If those four cycles do not give them a live birth, they'll be given their money back and they can use it towards adoption with multiple agencies and quicker placement rates. They are currently on an adoption list. You may view their profile here: It's About Love They've had a few contacts with birth mothers, but unfortunately, nothing has been a perfect fit. Whether parenthood comes to them through IVF or adoption, let’s send some financial support their way!

We will be hosting an online Auction!! 100% of the proceeds will be given to the Robison family. We are looking for anything you can offer! Are you crafty? Do you own a business? Fantastic! You can help!!!
Here's the information on how to participate:
1)   Send an email to with the following information. Please post AUCTION as the subject.
2)  Title of item donating
3)  Short description (optional)
4)  Picture of item
5)  Approximate Retail Value
6)  Web Address or Link to Etsy Store or Blog Boutique if you have one. (Note: This is a great way to receive free publicity!)
**You will be responsible for postage to send the item to the highest bidder. If you prefer to ship through the United States only please indicate so with your item description. After payment has been made we will contact you with their address when the auction ends.
Dates: Emails must be sent by Monday, June 9th at midnight. This gives you 2 weeks to create or gather item(s).

Auction will begin Thursday, June 12th and end Saturday, June 14th at midnight. Thank you in advance to all who choose to participate! Definitely check back June 12th to start shopping! Invite your friends and family to participate as well. Feel free to blog, facebook, instagram, tweet (send a carrier pigeon) anything to get the word out!  I know this couple will make AMAZING parents. The least we can do is lighten the financial burden a bit so they can simply focus on the journey to attain the deepest desire of their heart…
Becoming A Parent!!!

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