Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Smile For The MACK Family

(Photo from Mack's Family Blog, OUR FAMILY - GREETINGS Y'ALL)

A few short months ago an amazing woman, Wendy Mack, sadly passed away very unexpectedly. She left behind her sweet husband and their three adorable children . Wendy was also only six weeks from delivering their forth child, precious baby girl Maylee, of whom also passed on a few days after her mother.

I Vote That We Send The Mack Family A Much Needed Smile!

Kirsti and I believe that sending a few thoughtful care items/packages would be absolutely wonderful. Will you please join us?!? Here is a little information on this remarkable family...

The eldest son, DALLIN is six years old. Like most boys his age, he loves super heroes, video games, baseball and soccer. According to one family friend, he is "ALL BOY"!

Next is four year old KENNA. She is very sweet and likes all things princess! She likes to play with dolls and barbies. She also loves to play dress-up!

Two year old, EVAN, is at the age where everything is fun! He does have a special like for cars and trucks though. As I have learned from my own little boy, one can never have too many cars and trucks!

Leader of the troop is their beloved father DENNY. He just started his own practice so he is one incredibly busy man. He could benefit from gift cards, especially to electronic stores. We are told he also needs nice casual shirts in a size large. If you can, please include a gift receipt for the shirts!! After taking a peek at their blog, I have discovered that Denny likes to make his children their birthday cakes- GO DAD!! Since his sweetheart was a nurse and worked many late shifts, he is no stranger to the stove. Perhaps, however, we can send a few new yummy recipes to try. EASY and QUICK are the keywords though! It may also help to know that the family are members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints.

If you are interested in sending a smile and would like further details, please leave a comment or send an email to SmilesForStrangers@gmail.com. Items need to be shipped to Kirsti Clark no latter than Saturday, July 23rd. She will be sure to snap a picture of all of the items and post an update. She will then make sure the items are received by the Mack family.

Please be sure to pass on the word to everyone you know. As I always say, "One can never have too many smiles"!

In advance we would like to shout out a giant THANK YOU to all of you as well!!!

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