Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sending Smiles To Special Angels Adoption

Adoption. Whenever I hear this word my heart automatically overflows with complete and absolute bliss. I've never experienced this blessing first hand, but some of my most near and dear friends have adopted or are in the works to becoming adoptive parents. There is just something miraculous about seeing parents joined with a child through the beauty of adoption. Whenever I witness this sacred event I automatically sense that those individuals were always meant to be together...they just needed to take a unique journey to find each other.
As one may know, however, the journey of adoption doesn't always lead one down a smooth and carefree path. There's often bumps and barriers that can cause headaches....and heartaches. It's not always an easy voyage but as one may tell you, the hardships are always worth it once that precious child is finally in their arms.

Yep I just love, love, (that's capital L-O-V-E) love adoption!!! I also love those that set their sights on helping others adopt, just like our newest Sending Smiles nominee, Kelly Grove of Special Angels Adoption. She is a wonderful woman who, for the past three years, has been able to help special needs little ones find their forever families. Up until this point, her ministry has been able to help unite families for no monetary gain. With the new website and application for a non-profit status, however, Kelly and her ministry need our help.

On Saturday, June 4th, Kelly will be hosting an online auction. She currently needs items to be donated for that event. Crafts, gift certificates and business services are all welcome.

All items and such need to be mailed and received before June 4th.

Items can be mailed to:

Special Angels Adoption

695 N 2475 W

Layton, Utah


There are other ways we can help as well...

**A donation button is on her new website if you would like to make monetary donations. That link can be found here: Special Angels Adoption.

**Attend the online auction on June 4th. Details will be on her website the day of on how to participate and bid the desired items. I believe the auction starts on 9:00 am and will run until 12:00 pm. I do know there are going to be a lot of fabulous things. I for one can hardly wait!

**Pass on the word! Blog, email, facebook, twitter and such to all of your friends. Let them know how they can help as well. The more that participate the merrier!

I know time is short but I believe we can still do a lot to help Kelly with her goal. I hope you will join Kirsti and I in this latest Sending Smiles endeavor. We are so excited about it and can't wait to see what you girl's come up with! Be sure to let us know how you are helping. If you can, take pictures of your donated auction items and email the images to

We'll be sure to post the picture along with your name on the next Sending Smile update!

Until then... Happy Auctioning!!!

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Savannah said...

Kelly is an AMAZING force in the adoption world. I was already planning to donate some items (and hopefully win a few items), but I'm glad you posted this reminder. I didn't know I needed to mail her the stuff before hand. I'll try to remember to blog about this when I have a minute.